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NikoHealth Launches Flexible Payment Plan Options

NikoHealth, one of the leading cloud-based HME|DME software providers, announces the launch of a new feature: flexible payment plan options for patients. The new functionality allows HME|DME suppliers to set up payment plans that fit the needs of patients.

Custom reimbursement settings provide freedom of payment options for suppliers and patients. Three variable scenarios allow users to set a solution based on their current needs. Patients will be delighted to learn that they can work with multiple payment solutions if a one-time payment doesn’t fit their current financial situation. Meanwhile, suppliers get to enhance their services and improve customer satisfaction ratings.

“Improving the patient experience is a top priority for medical equipment suppliers. One way to do this and keep your customers happy is to offer them convenient payment options and quick order fulfillment! With modern software in place, you can streamline all aspects of production from start to finish, which leads to even further increased business growth.” – said Michael Kutsak, CEO of NikoHealth.

According to Mr. Kutsak, the new NikoHealth functionality also streamlines the operations within suppliers’ organizations. It provides all necessary time-saving features like an intuitive interface, simple customer and payment forms, storing card details for repeatable transactions, etc. Within a few months, they expect to roll out more new features.

“We’re always working on improving the functionality of NikoHealth to streamline and simplify workflow for suppliers. So, stay tuned, and you’ll hear even more updates soon!” – Mr. Kutsak added.