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NikoHealth Strengthens Its Commercial Team

Meet Dan Greyn

NikoHealth, one of the leading cloud-based HME|DME software providers, is proud to introduce Dan Greyn as a new strategic account manager.

Dan is a seasoned sales executive with more than 30 years of experience in software and DME sales and service. His expertise covers enterprise software, sales, customer relationship management, sales operations, and consulting.

“With such vast industry insight, Dan’s experience helping home medical equipment suppliers streamline business operations through technology compliments our core mission of supporting our customers’ digital transformation. We’re excited to have Dan part of the team enabling the ongoing industry adoption of NikoHealth.” Said Mike Kutsak, NikoHealth’s Chief Executive Officer.

In his new role, Dan will help HME|DME suppliers to automate their operations, enhance end-to-end processes, and improve their financial position through the use of an all-in-one technology solution.

“The industry has been slow to embrace new technology due to the fear of moving on from old systems and ways of working – Dan will play a pivotal role in helping companies adopt the right software aimed at reducing waste spent on slow, manual, and repetitive tasks.” Said Mike Kutsak.

“I am excited about working with a team of healthcare disruptors who understand the evolving industry landscape, the challenges suppliers face with day-to-day operations, and the innovation that NikoHealth brings to allow companies to improve patient care while taking their business to the next level.” Said Dan Greyn