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Updated Patient Side Bar

The patient sidebar has been redesigned along with some additional information. If you set a preferred contact type and time in the patients’ demographics this will now reflect on the patient sidebar across the patient profile, orders, and invoices.

Patient Alerts

If you are looking to set an alert that is visible across the patient journey, simply add a note with a subject type alert in the patient profile under the Notes tab. When saved this alert will be displayed on the patient sidebar.

Sales Tax Management 

Under Management/Billing/Tax Codes you will find our integrated list of product tax codes. These tax codes are used to automatically calculate sales tax for a specific product according to the tax category you assign to it. In addition, you can create custom tax codes, assign related sales tax rates, or override an existing tax code for a specific taxing jurisdiction by State.

Automate Preferred Delivery Method for Quick Ship 

When you quickly ship an order, you can now specify how this product will ship on the product level.

You can define under Management/Inventory/Catalog/Select ProductPreferred Delivery Method

Here you can indicate your preferred method and this will automatically be set for the item when you quick ship. You can select from inventoried, non-inventoried, or a specific drop-ship vendor you use.

Advanced Filter Invoice Queue 

The invoice screen has been redesigned. There is a new advanced filter available along with some new search fields including date of service and claim control #.

New Reports Available 

  • Sales Tax
  • Revenue Summary
  • Inventory Asset
  • Patient Notes

Other Tweaks 

  • Insurance benefits link available directly from cost-sharing
  • Product search improvements on product-specific price options
  • Base UOM available on purchase orders
  • Performance optimization
  • New “ready to order” status available for purchase orders