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HME / DME Software Features | NikoHealth

Billing and Revenue Cycle Management

There is no better software to support your billing process. NikoHealth allows you to easily manage the entire billing lifecycle from payer to patient within a single easy-to-use platform.
HME DME billing software | NikoHealth

Simple, smart and easy to  use – reduce time training new staff.

Real time automated invoicing whether you fulfil, drop ship or deliver to your customers to accelerate your cash flow. Easily manage claims, payments, denials, and authorizations with automation. Automate clean and data driven claims ensuring every claim is clean and error free before it is submitted. Automatically post payer remittances, bill patient responsibility, submit recurring rental invoices and reduce manual touch.

Rules management allows you to customize complex payer requirements including compliance and frequency guidelines. Payer specific CMN and documentation workflows. Automated and intelligent claims processing identifying underpayments, denials and patient responsibilities.

Manage payer fee schedules with robust price option configuration capabilities. Identify discrepancies in payer allowables in real time.

Access the benefit information you need from commercial and government payers. Determine eligibility, patient responsibility and coverage guidelines. Automatically check eligibility before order fulfilment and claim submission to prevent denials and write-off’s.

Personalize and automate the patient financial experience with easy to understand estimates of patient responsibility. Integrated patient pay e-statements and collections. Seamlessly collect patient payments including credit card transactions in person, over the phone or in the field.


Create the transparency needed for real time inventory control. Never lose track of products from the initial purchase order to the time you receive them. Increase order fulfilment and turn equipment sitting on the shelves into revenue without needing to reorder.

Track goods between warehouse locations, delivery teams, and patients. Perform audits with real-time inventory activity and historical transfers. Real-time inventory reporting including COGS, depreciation, and asset values.

Gain insight into when and what products are delivered to patients. Update inventory values in real-time upon shipping or delivery.

Manage Lot numbers, serialized and non-serialized products. Maintain product images with detailed descriptions to help your team with building product knowledge. Manage Vendors, SKU’s, Part #’s and UOM for every item you sell.

Create supercharged reporting to help you forecast demand, manage financials, or track all of your assets.

Intelligent barcode functionality to learn existing product barcodes or assign new ones. Manage barcodes for products and warehouse locations. Easily scan and transfer products between locations, delivery teams, and to the patient from a computer or via our mobile app.

Set minimum re-order points for every item in your warehouse. Automatically Generate Purchase Orders.

Assign service maintenance frequencies and easily monitor when equipment is due for service. Maintain service notes and service history on each piece of equipment. Easily report on last service dates and maintenance history.

Inventory details bundle | NikoHealth

Delivery App

With NikoHealth there’s no better way to support your in-house processes. Our Delivery App allows your team to focus on patient care while keeping your office and field team in sync real-time. 

iOs Dashboard | NikoHealth

Go paperless with electronic documentation while capturing e-signatures and eliminate the need for the stacks of paperwork and the issues that accompany these legacy processes. Digital documents completed in the mobile app are available real-time for reliable and seamless record keeping. Provide a more seamless delivery experience and share securely at the point of care with your patient via email.

Increase field efficiency and improve productivity with real-time visibility on the appointments for your teams. Dynamically update planned stops for the day and provide your team with real-time information to fulfill the deliveries while reducing the administrative burden.

Ensure you have the right products to deliver with a quick and simple pick flow. Use in-app barcode scanning and easily transfer items between locations and track inventory movement. Once an order is delivered the products are transferred real-time and available within the patient profile.

Provide a seamless payment experience for your patients with the ability to review out-of-pocket costs with patient estimates while collecting payments including credit cards at the point of care. Once payment is collected, it is automatically applied to the patient’s account while improving your upfront collections.

Have your team stay on the same page and make decisions faster and securely with in-app messaging. Stay organized and focused with a central place for conversations to help your team work better together.

The intuitive app offers all the tools needed to make your team’s daily tasks simpler. Eliminate all the hassles of paperwork and digitize the delivery process with easy to view appointment and order details, map views of stops, and route guidance.

Order Management Made Easy

Manage and process your orders from point of collection to final delivery. There’s never a single way to manage your orders – customize your workflow to fit your team’s unique needs and centralize all your orders in one system.

Easily manage orders with real time visibility into inventory stock levels, product information, payer requirements, referring provider details and more in a centralized workflow. Effortlessly move the order along its lifecycle to make sure all requirements are met before proceeding to ship or deliver.
Automate your routine order workflow and keep track of delivery statuses all in one place.

Easily attach a referring provider and related practice location to an order with automated NPI & PECOS validation while notifying you if a key element for order fulfilment is missing.
Keep your sales team updated on the status of their orders with instant notifications.

Setup customizable automated payer and product rules that flag your team if an authorization is required, an insurance is inactive or prescription may be missing during order processing. Prevent fulfilling orders that present downstream AR issues by having a clean and concise order management process.

Automate your fulfilment process with fewer mistakes and improved order cycle time. Whether shipping from your warehouse, delivering directly to the patient or using a dropship vendor – maintain accuracy at all levels.
Easily integrate with your suppliers and automate the process with real time tracking information and order status updates. Remove the manual touch involved with worrying when, what date or service and how to bill – and allow the intelligent automation to drive your invoicing.

Manage resupply and recurring order generation with customable payer and product rules driving frequency guidelines to ensure that your patients receive items when they are eligible. Intuitive automation flags when and if a patient is eligible based on order history and payer rules.
Quick ship and fulfil through integrated dropship vendors while automatically updating the patients next order date and maximize reorder rates while reducing human touch.

Reduce Windshield Time and Reduce Costs From Paperwork | NikoHealth

Analytics and Reporting Tools

Stay in control of your business by having the visibility into your most important data, metrics, and KPI’s.

Reports patients sales history | NikoHealth

The fastest growing companies all have one thing in common – They know their data and core metrics. With NikoHealth, you can easily identify and monitor key data points to make important business decisions.

Staying in the know regarding your financial situation is important. Simply counting revenue isn’t enough. NikoHealth offers the insights needed across your entire revenue cycle processes from sales through payments and denials.

Gain visibility into order acceptance and fulfillment metrics to easily and quickly understand what, where and how many orders your business handles. Identify gaps in order cycle times, and give your entire organization the transparency to report on key metrics within one platform.

With real time inventory control reports and analytics, you know exactly where inventory and assets are at any given moment. With the data and KPI’s at your fingertips you can see real time inventory activity, stock levels, asset values and more to put your business in control.

Document Management

Business happens everywhere, in the office, on the road, and wherever your team is. Building a modern digital HME|DME business, you need the flexibility of mobile and distributed workforce.
Eliminate the headaches of paperwork by digitizing and securely storing your documents.

Digitize what you currently capture on paper to quickly generate a form, auto-fill fields, and share as needed while automatically storing directly in the patients’ record. Find, understand, and organize your documents with meaning categories.

Go Paperless and Boost Team Productivity From Anywhere. Upload and access documents securely. Bring orders, insurance, authorizations, prescriptions, EOB’s and more into one place clean and structured. Find any document in seconds in the patients’ record.

From the first touch, remove the headaches in dealing with paper. Receive incoming faxes directly into NikoHealth. With our inbox, documents flow effortlessly to the patients’ record.

Go paperless with electronic documentation while capturing e-signatures

Intelligent Scheduling

Whether seeing patients on the road or in the office, simplify complex schedules for your team. Manage deliveries and appointments to get the right person to the right place on time, every time.

Calendar grid month | NikoHealth

Keep schedulers and mobile teams on the same page. Its easy to see appointment details, schedule changes and status updates. Everything your team needs to get their work done.
Dispatch the right team members quickly, without the headaches of spreadsheets, email and paper schedules.

Set schedules for your team and patient service centers whether seeing patients in store or on the road.


The scheduling engine automatically takes important factors into account including your team members availability, windshield time and capacity to match the right team member to the right patient.

Automatically find the best available appointment between your teams busy day so they spend less time on the road and more time with patients.

See your teams capacity real time to make scheduling your patients and deliveries quick and easy without worrying about who and when to dispatch.

Patient EMR

Within the patient profile gain instant access to demographic data, insurance, order history, documents, financial information and more in one simple and easy to use platform.

Gain instant access to all of the necessary patient records. Manage demographics, Emergency Contact, Employer Info, Responsible Party and HIPPA releases in a way that is organized and easily identifiable.

Inaccurate address data is costing your business a bunch of time and money. Maintain valid address information with automated address recommendations to improve your deliverability and reduce costs.

Spend less time sifting through multiple systems and paper. Within the patient record, access prescriptions, diagnosis, medications, hospital admissions, insurance, and authorization information. Verify insurance eligibility, update prescriptions and renew length of need within one simple and intuitive platform.

Store, organize and view any patient related documents. Digitize any company specific forms and capture signatures electronically. Give visibility to your entire team with timestamped notes and customizable templates to expedite your patient encounters.

View item history including inventoried, noninventory and dropship items. Mange order status with real time visibility and tracking information. Grow your resupply business with an intuitive and automated resupply engine to drive your recurring orders effortlessly.

Easily identify any patient account balances whether on a payer or billed directly to patient. Collect payments on accounts and make the financial conversations easier with automated patient estimates.

With centralized task management easily see what tasks are due, assign tasks to your teams and gain visibility to achieve better results holistically.

Patient items history | NikoHealth