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Streamline your revenue cycle management with a complete set of tools and functionalities needed to run a successful HME/DME business
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Through the RCM solution by NikoHealth, HME/DME providers can become more competitive in their market by maximizing revenue with better-quality care, implementing workflow automation, and decreasing administrative burden. Make a successful transition from fee-for-service to value-based reimbursement.

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Healthcare professionals require excellent revenue cycle management software to simplify relations with patients and customer experience, manage their finances, drive profit, and boost efficiency. HME providers can find more success by adopting an integrated approach to drive revenue and efficiency.
NikoHealth is an innovative DME software solution that allowed us to accelerate our operations and take our business to a new level.
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Nicole Wrazidlo,
Heide's Mastectomy & Compression Fitter
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4 Secrets You Need to Succeed in the DME Industry
The durable medical equipment supply industry is growing rapidly. But success in this field has been elusive for many DME/HME businesses because making it in this sector requires in-depth industry knowledge. Having been in the market for decades, the information we share about how to succeed in the DME industry is based on our struggles and successes.
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Online shopping trends now show that speed of delivery is a significant consideration for up to 77% of shoppers. So, the 5-7 business day delivery is no longer feasible. In this article, we explain how to shorten the delivery process and period for your home care business.
Why the 7-Day Business Delivery Model Isn’t Working Anymore
The Covid-19 Aftermath: Why Automation Is Crucial  for HME/DME Business 
The coronavirus pandemic is a wake-up call to governments and healthcare systems regarding emergency preparedness. What can business in the healthcare industry do from his side?
The Covid-19 Aftermath: Why Automation Is Crucial for HME/DME Business

    HME/DME Business Workflow
    If you work in the home/durable medical equipment industry, you know that it's important to have a smooth workflow that can ensure reliable supply and predictable patient outcomes. The best way to achieve this is to perfect your process and automate it as much as possible.
    NikoHealth Strengthens Its Commercial Team
    NikoHealth, one of the leading cloud-based HME|DME software providers, is proud to introduce Dan Greyn as a new strategic account manager.
    Meet Dan Greyn
    Join the NikoHealth Team at MAMES Conference October 5th – 7th.
    Join the NikoHealth team at the MAMES conference on October 5th – 7th. Learn, connect and discover the latest industry trends from thought-provoking voices in the industry.