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NikoHealth connects customers with Partners who can help them unlock even more value with streamlining workflows, improving order fulfilment, supporting revenue cycle operations, and more!
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NikoHealth’s partners consists of a wide range of industry experts to help you with what you need to be even more successful, even more quickly with NikoHealth.
DDP Medical Supply
Wholesale Medical Supplies and Rx Pharmaceuticals
(800) 437-4455
Allegiance Group
With over 15 years of experience in the healthcare industry, CollectPlus offers billing and collection workflow processes that enhance cash recovery and staff efficiency

Bruce Gerhing
SVP Business Development

913-338-4790 X 202
Clover Connect Logo
Clover Connect
Seamlessly integrated payment processing to ensure your operations are always running smoothly. Easily manage all components of your business within one comprehensive platform.
Our End-to-End Revenue Cycle Management for home-based care, infusion, and specialty pharmacies brings best-in-class results to your business.

BJ Martinelli
Sr. Account Executive

MiraVista Logo
MiraVista, LLC
With our webinar-based education, performance analytics, and one-on-one consulting, we help DME suppliers build reimbursement mastery, boost collections, and mitigate audit risk.

Derrick Stark
CPA Member,
Sales and Operations

803-462-9959, x 0200
Milliken Medical
Milliken Medical®
The fastest integrated and seamless solution that lets you quickly activate our award-winning home delivery services for your patients needs.

Tom Cole
VP of Sales

HME Workforce
HME Workforce
Remote Staffing for HME/DME Businesses, Outsourced Billing Services

Toli Kotsaspyrou
Managing Director

267-645-5300 (o), 215-760-5425 (c)
VGM Fulfillment
VGM Fulfillment
We're responsible for the key operations of order fulfillment: picking, packing, shipping, and inventory management. We focus and excel on our core competencies while you execute excellence in yours—taking care of patients.