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Heide’s Mastectomy and Compression Shop Case Study

Heide's Mastectomy and Compression Shop Enhances Operations and Doubles Topline Revenue with NikoHealth

Heides | NikoHealth

Duluth, Minnesota



Product Offerings

Catheter Supplies, Post-mastectomy bras and prostheses, Compression garments for lymphedema and other conditions, Post-surgical care products, Swimwear and leisurewear for mastectomy patients, Educational resources and support services

Servicing patients

Minnesota and surrounding areas

Nicole Wrazidlo
Nicole Wrazidlo,
Manager and Certified Mastectomy Fitter

NikoHealth's fresh take on billing and business management software and unwavering customer support really stood out.
Their platform packed the features and functionality we needed to streamline our operations. Since we started using NikoHealth our topline revenue has doubled.

Heides | NikoHealth
Heide's Mastectomy and Compression Shop Background

Heide's Mastectomy and Compression Shop is a family-owned business that has been serving Duluth, Minnesota for over 40 years. The shop provides safe, high-quality products and compassionate care to mastectomy patients. Heide's was facing challenges with its legacy billing/business management software and was looking for a modern and sleek solution to streamline operations and optimize billing processes.

“Our Billing and business management software was a major bottleneck in our workflow. It was slow and cumbersome. Also, it was prone to errors. This led to delays in patient care and billing.”

The Challenge

The outdated billing and patient management software being used was a big hurdle for the business. It hampered Heide’s efficiency and growth potential. Manual processes, limited data visibility, and an inability to scale hindered their ability to manage patient care, claims processing, and overall business operations effectively.

Why They Chose NikoHealth

Heide’s recognized that it needed a transformative and seamless solution and started searching for a new billing and business management software. The company was looking for a platform that would align with its budget, be compatible with the latest technology, and provide comprehensive support. After evaluating other software from various vendors, Heide’s selected NikoHealth’s cloud-based solution.

“Since implementing NikoHealth, we’ve experienced a significant transformation in our operations. The platform has streamlined our scheduling, document management, billing, and claims processing, making our team more efficient and productive.”

How NikoHealth Benefits Heide's Mastectomy and Compression Shop

NikoHealth's EMR platform has propelled Heide's growth and success. The platform has a comprehensive suite of smart features, including order and document management, along with automated billing features which have addressed the company's key challenges and improved its workflow.
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