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Impact Medical Case Study

From Hurdles to New Heights -
Impact Medical's Journey with NikoHealth

DME Software Case Study | ImpactMedical

Blue Springs, Missouri



Product Offerings

Catheter Supplies, Diabetic Shoes, Enteral Feeding, Ostomy and Wound Care

Servicing patients

Services Patients Nationwide

Chris Curran Impact Medical
Chris Curran,

"After moving to NikoHealth within the first 18 months not only were our employees happier, but our net collections doubled."

DME Software Case Study | ImpactMedical
Impact Medical Background

In 2014, Impact Medical set out on a mission to provide top-notch healthcare solutions, focusing on providing much needed DME products to patients in SNF and Long Term care facilities. Realizing rapid growth across the country, today Impact Medical is one of the largest independent providers simplifying PART B benefits supplying products including Catheter Supplies, Diabetic Shoes, Enteral Feeding, Ostomy and Wound Care. The exit of major players in the market created an opportunity for rapid growth, however it came with unforeseen challenges across the business.

DME Software Case Study | ImpactMedical
The Challenge

The primary challenge for Impact Medical lay in the billing and revenue cycle process, where securing sales wasn't the only hurdle; getting claims reimbursed posed a significant struggle. Relying on external billing companies initially seemed like a solution, but the rapid growth of Impact Medical quickly outpaced the capacity and oversight of these services, prompting a shift towards bringing billing in-house. Not having an integrated billing and revenue cycle software solution that didn't require a wealth of DME billing knowledge from Impact's team to use further compounded the difficulty of getting paid.

Why they Chose NikoHealth

Impact Medical evaluated various DME solutions in the market, including Brightree, but found them unsuitable for their business needs. Chris Curran, CFO of Impact Medical, emphasized the importance of a modern solution with a user-friendly interface and robust APIs for scalability. The cloud-based nature and feature set of NikoHealth’s solution aligned with Impact Medical’s requirements, making it the preferred choice.

DME Software Selection NikoHealth

“We wanted a more modern solution that could scale with our business. A major focus for us was the ability for the solution to have robust APIs to enable systems integrations.”

How NikoHealth Benefits Impact Medical

  • Financial Impact and Savings

    The shift to NikoHealth empowered Impact Medical to focus on its growth trajectory and evolve into a modern healthcare business. The simple to use system improved analytics, and effective revenue cycle workflows including denial management were key contributors to these savings.

  • Improved Receivables and Efficiency

    NikoHealth's influence on creating efficiency was evident as Impact Medical quickly identified huge gaps in their previous processes while on their previous system (HDMS). "We found out that we were leaving tons of money on the table because HDMS didn't have a good way of identifying and working unpaid claims due to unclear and cumbersome processes."

  • Cloud-Based Accessibility and API Integrations

    The true cloud-based nature of NikoHealth eliminated the need for on-site servers, and costly IT expenses while providing unparalleled accessibility. With NikoHealths APIs data can flow bidirectional allowing for scalable integration capabilities. "It's a game-changer. Being in control of our information is key"

  • Data Analytics and Reporting

    Advanced reporting capabilities allowed visibility into operational insights enabling quicker business decisions, tighter revenue cycle processes and valuable insights for leadership. "The biggest problem we were having before moving to NikoHealth was a lack of data access and transparency".

  • Positive Impact on Team Productivity and Morale

    NikoHealth's intuitive and modern platform not only makes onboarding and training employees easier, but it streamlines various functions enabling an automated workflow process. "Not only has productivity gone thru the roof, but our employees actually enjoy using the system". With a user-friendly interface, NikoHealth addresses training concerns for users of all skill levels. "We have a diverse team, and we don't face issues. It's something we never experienced with other software."

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