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Make Durable Medical Equipment Business Profitable by Automating Resupply

Durable medical equipment business profitable | NikoHealth
CPAP diabetic resupply

DME providers supply needed medical equipment and supplies to patients. Many of these products provided are disposables or require replenishment at recommended frequencies in order for the patient to maintain effective use. In many cases, HME/DME providers wait for the patient to inquire prior to fulfilling orders and, in fact, are leaving revenue on the table and patients without the equipment and supplies needed.

Generate Recurring Income

Durable medical equipment providers can generate reliable, recurring income by providing patients with ongoing supplies and disposables while improving patient care. Implementing an effective resupply management strategy involves properly coordinating and executing an efficient reordering, process automation, and fulfillment strategy, enabling your clients to get their supplies on time.

Such a strategy is crucial for three major DME products:

CPAP Machines

Patients using devices such as CPAP require replacement masks and related supplies to ensure effective and hygienic therapy. Payers have frequency limitations on how often certain products are eligible for coverage and may require ongoing compliance and authorizations prior to dispensing.

Urinary Incontinence

Geriatric patients and those with chronic illnesses always need urgent resupply of bladder control pads, adult diapers, disposable inserts, catheters, and underpads. A day without these necessary products to manage urinary incontinence causes discomfort and an inability to do day-to-day activities.

Diabetic Supplies

Diabetes is a chronic condition that needs regular management. Resupplying insulin pens, insulin pumps, and blood sugar meters, among other DME devices used by diabetic patients, should be seamless and efficient. For efficient HME resupply for diabetic patients, regularly scheduled supply replenishment is critical to patient self-testing and care.

Your business needs a resupply and reordering strategy that delivers supplies at predefined frequencies while managing inventory, fulfillment, and administrative shortfalls. That means having a system to notify of order eligibility, identify payer requirements and ensure compliance with government and commercial payers.

Seamless Order Management

It is important to manage the order process effectively. You can lose money if you don’t have a transparent order management system. As such, you need a framework for managing patient eligibility and payer requirements, as well as managing the verification of documents. Once you’ve implemented such a seamless low-touch process, you can easily fulfill dropship orders with minimal effort. By streamlining touch points and implementing automated recurring order generation, you can increase the profitability of your resupply program.

To increase efficiency and boost profits, here is how you can manage DME orders effectively:

  • Use lean process management: This involves knowing the status of your orders in real-time. When you know which orders are urgent, which are available in the inventory, and which ones might take longer to fulfill, you avoid unnecessary supply chain costs and miscommunication with patients
  • Subscribe a patient to a reorder campaign at the initial order
  • Schedule reorder automation based on payer frequency guidelines and the patient’s order history
  • Automate authorization requirements to ensure you get paid
  • Automate insurance eligibility to reduce denials
  • Quick-ship orders through fulfillment partners and pull backtracking real-time
  • Automatically generate the invoicing so that claims get paid faster

Adopt the Right Tools To Run Your Resupply Program Smarter and More Profitable

Eliminate the waste of multiple systems, manual touchpoints, and redundancy. With the right software, you can automate processes, increase order fulfillment, reduce inventory on hand, and boost revenue.

Learn more about how NikoHealth can help with your resupply order management with our intuitive all-in-one cloud-based HME DME software and simplify the way your team works today.

Durable medical equipment business profitable | NikoHealth
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Thanks for the useful information. Resupply is my personal headache. It’s really hard to connect all links in the chain and avoid human errors and delays. And you are right: all of this results in losing time and money. If the product you offer streamlines all business operations, it’s a significant step ahead!


Order management has been a struggle for our company. We can’t seem to get from the intake process to delivery without too many manual touchpoints. Looking forward to learning more.

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