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How can an HME business grow in a highly competitive environment?

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As technologies make the pace of life faster, it becomes harder and harder to bring value if you don’t keep up with the times.  Is there a solution able to speed up your business and leave competitors far behind? Here are some insights.

HME and DME software providers are working hard to deliver quality services with exceptional care. When providing medical supplies and equipment to patients, things like shipment delays, operational errors, or logistical problems simply cannot be allowed to disrupt patient services. 

Yet many of these issues arise from ineffective legacy software used to manage DME providers’ workflows. This blog will highlight when the time is right for your business to implement new technology solutions that simplify operations and improve patient care.

Productivity Losses Caused by Paper Workflows and Outdated Durable Medical Equipment Software

Paper, manual data entry across systems, and fragmented processes are common themes among home medical equipment providers. 

When it comes to software, many companies have yet to implement holistic systems capable of addressing their entire customer management cycle — from first contact and ordering to billing and delivery. 

Some of the most common problems facing outdated DME software include:

  • Not being Cloud Hosted
  • No access to Valuable Data via API’s 
  • Lack of business process workflows 
  • Outdated User Interfaces and Lengthy Onboarding 
  • Costly Bolt-On services to meet a business need 
  • Poor design and functionality

After putting up with these shortcomings forever, companies are ready to throw in the towel. Deciding to change for the better by moving to a new technology platform will only enable future growth.

Lost Revenue

Organizations with manual billing and revenue cycle workflows face several persisting problems: 

  • Slower claim payment times 
  • Higher occurrence of processing errors
  • Increased Denial Rates 
  • Missed Revenue 

If you’re encountering similar problems, this is the first sign that it is time to try the top DME billing software. For example, NikoHealth enables durable medical equipment providers to decrease time to payment and increase profitability. The software removes the manual touchpoints with automation and intelligent technology processes.

Lack of a Mobile-Friendly Experience for Patients and Your Team

Digitizing the business process not only engages your team but offers patients an experience that they expect in modern-day healthcare.  Mobile applications enable field workers to manage delivery appointments, facilitate inventory transfers and capture electronic documentation and signatures.  Mobile applications by NikoHealth will help your optimize HME/DME business workflows become paperless while improving the patient experience. You will be able to manage all delivery processes easily with a user-friendly cloud-based solution available for any consumer tablet or mobile device.

You Still Rely on Paper Documents and Your Office is Full of Filing Cabinets

Not only do paper-based workflows cost more than digital workflows (cost of paper, scanners, printers, and their maintenance), it also exposes you to compliance issues. The digital signature, which has long been recognized as legally binding, has been pushing out paper documents for years. 

There are no more excuses left, neither financial nor legal, for not switching to a paperless workflow. But there are more than enough advantages:

  • Easy auditing of digital documents: management, sharing among co-workers and departments, quick searches, and archiving.
  • Minimized risk of essential customer documents going missing.
  • Digital copies are easier to track for everyone that has access to them.

With modern solutions like NikoHealth, you can eliminate paper-based and obsolete healthcare equipment, delivery models. Digital workflow automation allows streamlining filing client orders, communicating with physicians, and getting patients what they need when they need it.

Your Inventory and Delivery Processes Aren`t Integrated

This is a fairly common problem in companies where several systems manage warehouse and shipping processes. In this case, the data must be transferred between them by hand, leading to delays, errors, and disruptions. 

NikoHealth software helps to integrate client and order management, billing, logistics, and delivery tracking. With this, the data does not leave the system and is automatically transferred from the first purchase order through delivery to a patient. You can easily track the entire process in a single workflow with visibility across business units.

Outdated Order Management

Having a centralized workflow to manage order intake is an integral part of creating efficiencies. Whether your business has centralized information or a CSR handles the entire order lifecycle, having workflows in place to manage the day-to-day order processing is crucial. Having a transparent process from documentation control through insurance verification and payer-specific authorizations should be simple. Having the information needed at your fingertips not only improves order cycle time but reduces error and provides a higher level of service for your patients and referring providers. 


With NikoHealth’s advanced order workflows, your patients will get medical equipment and supply faster while making your team more efficient. The software features automated payer rules, inventory stock levels, insurance eligibility, automated resupply’s and automation processes to help your team work more efficiently.

Choosing the Right DME Software Solution

If you want to choose a proper solution for your business we strongly recommend you to take a look at disruptors who use innovative approaches, know their customers’ needs and provide care not a just product. 

NikoHealth’s cutting-edge all-in-one cloud-based solution provides clients with the top HME |DME software on the market.
If you are a Home Medical Equipment Provider looking to drive your Digital Transformation, then NikoHealth is your choice. 

With its Standout User Experience and robust workflows, operate on a single platform to unlock innovation in your business and make your competitors upset with the results.

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