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Let NikoHealth Bring Innovations and Simplicity to Your HME DME Business

Have you searched for a more modern and convenient Brightree alternative with a better interface and more intuitive design?

Are you tired of the complexity, time-consuming onboarding process, and unpredictable pricing? We have something that might be interesting for you. Whether you have just started looking for a DME and/or HME software solution or want to switch from Brightree, NikoHealth is the right choice!

Aside from functionality, cloud platform, and integrations, our solution is modern and straightforward. It has excellent customer support and provides a flat pricing model with no hidden fees. Those are the main points why NikoHealth is a better alternative to Brightree.

Besides, for those afraid of changes, NikoHealth has a workflow that simplifies the migration process and makes it painless in short timeframes. See for yourself!

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NikoHealth VS Brightree

The Most Innovative Organizations Partner With NikoHealth

Why Is NikoHealth the Best Brightree Alternative for Your HME/DME Business?

NikoHealth provides one of the best HME/DME solutions on the market and can serve as an excellent Brightree alternative. It offers additional benefits, such as faster onboarding time, a more modern and convenient interface, better customer service, and a couple of extra features, such as scheduling and order flow.
Eliminate the waste of multiple systems and give your team all the features of NikoHealth, bringing all your work into one place with an intuitive HME/DME cloud-based software that makes jobs easier and workflows more productive
NikoHealth has helped transform our business by providing end-to-end visibility which enables us to control and make decisions faster and deliver better care for our patients.
Mike Austin,
President at Quality DME, Inc.
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