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8 Must-Have Features Which Your HME Software Should Necessarily Have

8 Must Features HME Software NikoHealth
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The world is constantly changing; reality dictates completely different rules and challenges. Every day in your home medical equipment business, you face a thousand problems, adapting to new market demands, pooling oceans of complex data, dealing with constantly and rapidly changing market and regulatory dynamics.

Today, the HME provider has a new pace and many requirements that must be met to succeed. You can no longer afford to spend precious time on many chaotic processes, delays, manually entering data into multiple systems, spending time on phone calls, sending faxes, and numerous spreadsheets, while all of these processes can be automated and run in real-time. And after realizing that, one of the main challenges for HME/DME business owners is the difficulty of choosing a perfect digital solution for business process management, as there are not many advanced products presented on the market and some solutions lack technical capabilities. As a result, providers must buy multiple software solutions adding more steps in the process resulting in higher costs.

Here is a list of the most common issues HME providers have expressed when thinking about their business operations. If you find yourself sympathizing with any of these then it may be time to evaluate your software needs. High inventory costs, problems with inventory control

  • Loss of equipment and supplies, unsettled delivery management, no mobile delivery
  • A massive amount of paperwork fragmented throughout the order lifecycle
  • Inconsistences in order processing and fulfillment lead to loss of business and write-offs
  • Delays in billing due to documentation, human error, and disconnected processes
  • The difficult and long training curve for new employees
  • Disparate data residing in multiple systems and spreadsheets preventing fast business decisions

Considering the many challenges and difficulties expressed, you are not unique in your struggle towards the goal of improving your business outcomes.  The first step in achieving this is identifying the right technology partner to help automate your processes and workflows.

We have developed a list of requirements to help guide your digital transformation so, let’s take a closer look at what features and functionality your HME software should probably have to meet the needs of your business.

We will consider the essential features found in the NikoHealth software solution; the software has undergone an interesting evolution and transformation from a successful HME/DME business, which has faced thousands of daily difficulties in paperwork and workflow, to become a successful home medical equipment business management software. NikoHealth founders realized that their solution (which they have created to simplify workflow) became so user-friendly and successful that they decided to share it with other HME providers so that they could automate all their business processes and run their HME/DME businesses without obstacles.

All-In-One Innovative Billing Management 

The billing cycle and workflow in your HME business grow must be smooth, fast, and allow you to get paid faster and improve profitability, avoiding all possible obstacles. To achieve this, NikoHealth proposes the following billing solutions for your business: real-time interaction for the request processing; invoicing automation, including all necessary documentation and patients’ data; speed for payment system and permanent control overall payments, specification of payment methods, and convenient price calculation; all detailed information on prescriptions; automated insurance eligibility and verification; denials’ proceeding; EOB (Explanation of Benefits)/ERA (Electronic Remittance Advice) data; authorizations with primary insurance data, payer’s information, and healthcare standard procedure coding system: all detailed data on CMNs.

With all these advanced technical solutions, your billing processes will be automated to maximize your profits.

Smart Inventory Management 

Your HME business needs comprehensive inventory solutions to significantly decrease inventory costs and increase inventory turns, providing you with a complete, accurate picture of equipment’s localization, eliminating delays, thefts, loss of equipment, and wasted supplies. 

What Inventory Solutions Do We Offer Your Business?

Transparency for real-time inventory control:

  • You can instantly track what is shipped and have items delivered to patients as soon as possible.
  • You can track your inventory across multiple sites, including on your field personnel.
  • You will be permanently aware of what is delivered to patients right away.
  • You will receive accurate inventory counts with barcode tracking and much more. 

With NikoHealth, you will always know what, where, and how much you have.

Streamline Ordering 

In ordering management, you must be entirely sure that patients will receive equipment, supplies, and resupply on time and without interruptions; your ordering workflow must be automated and stored in one secure place without any inaccuracies or complications. With NikoHealth, you will receive detailed data on products and services sold, automated and progressive resupply management, conversion management, and automatized cost-sharing.

With all these features, you will proceed with orders quickly, easily, and improve your customer service.

Fully Automated Delivery 

Native mobile and web applications will transfer your delivery management to a totally new level. Become paperless and automated by replacing all complex data and paper workflows with smartphones and tablets.

Here are some of the many possibilities NikoHealth has prepared for your business:

  • Track deliveries of medical equipment and supplies in real-time
  • Check subsequent scheduled visits and control booked inventory items
  • Timely update and change delivery statuses
  • Reduce the percentage of delivery loss and damage
  • Get PAID faster with intuitive workflows
  • Assign/transfer items as they are delivered by updating the inventory in real-time

High-speed delivery management without delays is key for increasing revenue and improving patient outreach.

Patient-Oriented Scheduling 

Comprehensive scheduling solutions will provide you with total transparency and maximum efficiency of doctors’ visits, ensuring high-class patient service, improving time-management for patients, and increasing employees’ responsibility.

What You Will Receive With NikoHealth

  • Consolidated information on appointments for patients in one flexible and convenient for users scheduling platform
  • Complete automation of scheduling management processes
  • Real-time appointment transparency
  • Minimized cancellation delays and late arrivals

Handle all scheduling changes and unforeseen circumstances easily and quickly!

Go Paperless in Documents Management 

With innovative solutions for documents’ proceeding, you will forget about time-consuming extra paperwork and go paperless. With NikoHealth, you receive easy-to-use and user-friendly document management functionality; the ability to scan, manage, and share documents securely with instant access within the patient’s record; automatically file electronically completed documents from the field; and customize your digital organization of document types.

Manage all types of documents fast and unhindered!

Optimized Reporting Management 

NikoHealth will help you automate, simplify, and speed up all routine reporting processes. With our up-to-date solutions, you will create and manage all types of reports quickly and easily: patients; orders; revenue; billing (rentals, payments, invoicing); inventory; audit. 

Ability to Provide the Best of the Best Patient Care 

The main goal of all complex processes in the HME business is high-class patient care and patient needs satisfaction. That’s why you will need a whole bunch of technical solutions to ensure perfect patient service and maximize patients’ outreach.

With all the patient management features delivered by NikoHealth, you will receive consolidated, accurate data on each patient; patient’s financial information; patient’s insurance information; and the ability to take essential notes on each patient.

With all the innovative possibilities and solutions, you will be increasing patient relationships’ potential revenue in your business!

In addition to all the outstanding, cutting-edge, technical features for your HME business processes automation, NikoHealth has the following benefits as well:

  • The ability to use all features comprehensively
  • All data processes are fully automated
  • Secure, cloud-based solution
  • Real-time tracking
  • Opportunities for integration
  • All operations are interconnected and trigger each other
  • Mobile application

If you want to choose us as a reliable and secure software partner with all comprehensive innovations, an all-in-one, user-friendly interface, and enormous possibilities to bypass all the obstacles and inconveniences in your workflow and focus solely on revenue and ensure high-class patient care, then request a demo right away! We also invite you to ask all the questions you may have if you are still uncertain.

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